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film-video / video

Sars Opera

Mini DV transferred to DVD, 5’40”, 2004
Camera: Stefan Rusu
Image editor: Denis Bartenev
Directed by Stefan Rusu

In the short humoristic video "Sars Opera" the author explores the history and the present of Republic of Moldova and the deep-going cultural connections between his home country and Mongolia.
The video is centered around the concert by a military band commemorating the Victory Day on the 9th of May by the Soviet Red Army over the Nazi Germany. The band performs the repertory of the patriotic campaign launched by the USSR after the Victory in World War II, which was adopted and assimilated in full by Mongolians. This event and its historical significance are combined with the Mongolian government’s propaganda regarding the protection of the population against SARS. The events took place in a public square in Ulan Bator during the SARS quarantine. The large public, wearing breathing masks, was calmly administering to itself the atypical treatment of Russian propaganda songs not forgetting of course the famous “Katyusha” nor the well-known and much loved “Smuglyanka-Moldavanka”.

Transmediale06, Berlin, Germany, Viper Film Festival (edition 2005), Basel, Switzerland, Media Art Festival/2004, Bangkok, Thailand, Kassel Film Festival, [the 21-th edition], Kassel, Germany, Kansk Film Festival, [the 3-th edition], Kansk, Russia.