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Open Flat

Open Flat was designed for THE JOURNEY TO THE EAST conceived by Anna Łazar&Monika Szewczyk and produced by ARSENAL Gallery, Bialystok. Local Partners Bialystok City Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow Polish Institute in Kiev Mystetskyi Arsenal.

Short excerpt from curatorial statement by Monika Szewczyk: “We are interested in love, which transgresses the notion of relation between two people. We seek positive emotions, which create bonds between people all over the world—bonds that are an alternative to government authority and economic capital. We want to ask the artists what role they think these emotions play in post-communist society and whether building new social capital on interpersonal relations is a utopian dream or actually the achievable solution. We see our project as an open situation, creating various modes of participation and interpretation—not only watching and listening, but also discussion, active participation and writing. We will gather objects, organize meetings, discussions, lectures, workshops, performances and installations in public space.”