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Reimagining the New Man

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This small format publication titled – “Reimagining the New Man / Practicing civic duties through social and visual media” comprises written contributions by; ┬áZebiniso Iskandarova, Kuntuvdy Natalia, Faizulloev Muhidinjon, John Davis, Mark Boswell and Stefan Rusu and works developed during the film workshop by Marifat Davlatova (TJ), Aytegin Muratbek uulu (KGZ), Syrlybek Bekbotayev (KG), Alexandr Nicolaev (UZ), Murodzhon Sharipov (TJ), Rumyantseva Alla (TJ), Suleiman Sharifi (TJ) together with the new works and contributions by project team: Surayo Tuichieva (TJ), John Davis (US), Mark Boswell (US), Jamshed Kholikov (TJ).

“Reimagining the new man. Practicing civic duties through social and visual media” project was designed to investigate post-socialist context and the condition of Tajik society, which was formed during the soviet period and shifted after the collapse of Soviet Union to open market realities and capitalist principles. In these circumstances the project aims at understanding, analyzing and questioning civic engagement, participatory practices in community development and transfer of knowledge by means of social and visual media in contemporary Tajikistan. “Reimagining the New Man/Practicing civic duties through social and visual media” curated by Stefan Rusu and organized in collaboration with Dushanbe ArtGround team from Tajikistan in 2014. Its aim was to understand, analyze and question civic engagement and participatory practices by means of social and visual media in contemporary Tajikistan.

Practical section – film workshop “Reimagining the new man” took place between17 – 29 March at Dushanbe ArtGround and was designed by Stefan Rusu in collaboration with John Davis –media artists from S.Francisco, US. It provided in-depth exploration of the use of archival material, the aesthetics of appropriation, re-enactment, sampling and detournement, and the transfer of cinematic language to digital forms. It consisted in a series of lectures, seminars, film screenings, and assisted hands-on labs (selection of archival sources, analogue-digital transfers, writing of film scenarios and editing of final films). Each participant produced a film based on the re-use of archival sources (propaganda films archive from the socialist era, fragments of new films, home movies or private archives, television and internet). The Film Workshop provided an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange between artists and students from Tajikistan, regional artists from Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan), and the international guests tutors (John Davis (San Francisco, USA) and Mark Boswell (New York, USA) who have been invited to lead the workshop.

A project organized by Dushanbe Art Ground (PF Sanati Muosir)