Ştefan RUSU

public space / workshops

Workshop: Designing & Building Mobile Platform – Open Flat

Location: Zpatiu/Zemstvei Museum (103 Alexei Sciusev Street), Botanica microrayon (9/1 Teilor Street)
Period: 5-10 JUNE, 2017

Mobile Platform-Open Flat was designed and built with generous participation of Architectural Lab MIEZ (MD), Atelier Vast (RO), Meet Lab (HU) and other participants from Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the frame of workshop for designing and construction Mobile Platform (5-10JUNE) lead by Stefan Rusu (MD) member of IN SITU – European platform for Artistic Creation on Public Space: http://in-situ.info/en/. The workshop was developed in the frame of Public Facades project.

Mobile Platform is a spatial and transparent projection of a functional apartment configured out of 3X3m modules and it is easy to install and dismantle the structure that could be placed in other districts of town.

Mobile Platform is also a version of Open Flat/Apartamentul Deschis installed in upper part of Botanica at housing blocks from 9/1 Teilor Street. Platform was conceived as a space for interaction between Public Facades project participants and the community from Botanica microrayon and is incorporating some functions: community kitchen, interactive space and community based practices (workshops for children and adults, community radio, presentations and film screenings, etc.)

Public Facades project was organized by Oberliht Association, Chisinau