Ştefan RUSU

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Communal Loggia

“COMMUNAL LOGGIA” - a hybrid structure: (loggia-kitchen), observation platform and the space for socialising designed by Stefan Rusu

Dimensions: 6000x2000x1200mm
Materials: wood, metal elements, wheels

Description of the installation:

“Communal loggia” is a portable, easy to install structure that recycles the aesthetic expression of the housing buildings, using the soviet era balcony design and a prototype originated from the Bayilov district (gentrified area). The structure has two functions: It is a tool to support public empowerment and self-expression, but also a space for cooking and socialising. The loggia was installed in Bayilov district’s square to offer a space to prepare food collectively and share it among inhabitants. At the same time the space of the loggia is an invitation to express ideas, desires and political statements or simply socialising during public events.

The structure is a temporary call, a way to remind us about people’s potentially civic positions and the ubiquitous involvement with the everyday political. The political sphere is not somewhere else; it is here in our kitchens and at our balconies.

“Communal loggia” was developed as part of “ART PROSPECT: URBAN OLUM - RETHINK, REDO, REVIVE” Public Art Festival organized in Bayil district by the Pillə urbanist initiative from Baku, Azerbaijan in collaboration with CEC ArtsLink.