Ştefan RUSU

film-video / video


Mini DV transferred to DVD, 4’50”, 2005
Camera: Ruben Agadjanean
Image editor: Denis Bartenev
Directed by Stefan Rusu

The film investigates how the production of JERES vine under original brand name landed in Soviet Moldova. The JERES vine technology was developed in Spain and the secret reside in the fermentation process due to a live organism – Jeres Spores (Saccharomyces apiculatus - ellipsoideus). A fragment of the vine Spores was stolen by a soviet espionage agent in the umbrella handle, a method similar to the one used by the Europeans when stealing silkworms from China. The faith of the vine Spores is the preoccupation of a JERES funs from Moldova willing to repair a historical injustice committed after World War II by soviet regime and repatriate the Spores back to Spain.  Distribution of the JERES under this label outside of the Moldavian borders is prohibited by international law. The film was produced in the frame of AlteArte TV Project, technical support-[KSAK] Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau.