Ştefan RUSU

public space / projects

Floating Balcony

Husby district, Stockholm, 2012

The political sphere is not somewhere else, it is here in our kitchens and on our balconies. “Floating Balcony” is a portable, easy-to- install structure that can function as a stage or a tribune. The structure is a temporary call, a way to remind us of people’s potential civic positions and their ubiquitous involvement with everyday political life.

Floating Balcony designed for Performing the Common – an exhibition on public spaces, private networks and the art of organizing collective meaning.The privatization of public space has changed the common. New common room has been created within the private sphere. When is the public the common? Where do you go when you want to talk to The Others? This art exhibition explores the manifestations of the public sphere in town squares, in stairways and under TV sofas. The exhibition is made by the Department of Computer and System Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, supported by Formas and in collaboration with Association for Temporary Art, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Romanian Cultural Institute, Centrum för gestaltning, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Husby Gård and Moderna Museet.

Performing the Common is curated by Karin Hansson.
More details: http://performingthecommon.se/public/