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CHISINAU-Art, Research in Public Sphere

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Rael Artel(EST), Pavel Braila(MD), Valeria Barbas (MD), Igor Casu(MD), Vasile Ernu(RO), [STEALTH.unlimited] – Ana Dzokic & Marc Neelen (NL), Octavian Esanu (US/MD), Tatiana Fiodorova(MD), Societe Realiste – (Ferenc Grof & Jean-Baptiste Naudy (FR/HU)), Catalin Gheorghe(RO), Angela Harutunean(EG/AM), Augustin Ioan(RO), Indre Klimaite(NL), Flo Kasearu(EST), Max Kusmenko(MD), Sava Lucia(MD), Ana Marian(MD), Davor Miscovici(HR), Tamara Nesterova(MD), Dumitru Oboroc(RO), Kaja Pawelek(PL), The Bureau of Melodramatic Research (Alina Popa & Irina Gheorghe (RO)), Virgil Paslariuc(MD), Danilo Prnjat(SP), Ghenadie Popescu(RM), Joanna Rajkowska(PO), Rena Raedle & Vladan Jeremic(SP), Angela Serino(NL), Klaus Schafler(AU), Stefan Rusu(MD), Tilmann Meyer(NL), Ovidiu Tichindeleanu(RO/MD), Stefan Tiron(RO), Vadim Tiganas(MD), Octavian Tacu(MD), Nomeda&Gediminas Urbonas(LT), Vladimir Us(MD), Raluca Voinea(RO), Mark Verlan(MD)

The publication is an invitation to a virtual tour through a number of historical periods and political regimes that have shaped the city and the society and includes the contributions of theorists and the artists’ projects. While the theoretical contributions present the results of historical research and case studies concerning the various stages in the evolution of the city of Chisinau, the artists’ projects have followed to a great extent the logic of subverting and challenging the order established in the urban space by the state institutions in cooperation with the private sector. Finally, the project aim was not only to identify the decisive factors that have shaped the public and urban space in Chisinau throughout history, but also to see these spaces in confrontation with the political and cultural processes and factors identified today.

Stefan Rusu (ed), Centrul pentru Artă Contemporană-[KSA:K]; trad.: Sorana Lupu, Jele Dominis, Marchin Wawryzncyak [et al.]. – [Ch. : S. n., 2011] (Tipogr. “Bons Offices” SRL). – 484, [2] p. : il., fot., fot. color. 1000 ex. ISBN 978-9975-80-534-6
A project organised by Center for Conbtemporary Art-[KSA:K]