Ştefan RUSU

public space / workshops

Designing and Production of Hospitality-Welcome Space

Location: Toneelacademie, Maastricht, NL
Duration: 6.5.-10.5./11.5.
Expected participants: 15-20
Workshop leader: Stefan RUSU

The workshop consists in theoretical and practical, hands-on sessions that will focus on re-appropriating and re-imagining public space through contemporary art and social practices, will explore artist and curatorial methodologies on how to deal with non-conventional spaces.
The first session will start with an introduction to context-based art practice and cases from Soviet avant-garde period, when constructivism was seen as a new aesthetic, as an effort to harmonize art with industrial production, to erase the boundaries between work and art. This section feature artists and designers: Varvara Stepanova with stage design for theatre play “Death of Tarelkin” by A. Sukhov Kobylin, then “Lenin Workers’ Club” by Aleksandr Rodchenko with its concept and principles, followed by Lyubov Popova’s stage construction for the play “The Magnanimous Cuckold” by F.Krommelink. In line with constructivists aesthetics the participants will learn about architectural practice of K.Melnikov and the design for tourist pavilions made for Green City project.

The main part was dedicated to recent context featuring a number of cases: the “principle of recycling”, then” survival” and “reconversion strategies” with examples including Raumlabour project “Floating University Berlin” and re-appropriation strategies on the example of UFO (Unexpected Fountain Occupation), 2011 (Warsaw, Poland) developed by EXYZT with Ewa Rudnicka among others. Since we deal with sensitive and emotionally charged zones such as Bunny train station associated with deportation of Holocaust victims, we also included a distant case of re-imagining public space featured as part of “territories of trauma” from Tajikistan (“SPACES ON THE RUN”, Dushanbe, 2015) with „Mobile Platform” by Ewa Rudnicka installed in the Children’s Park also known as “killing fields”.

During hands-on session the participants focused on elaboration of design to welcome the “travelers” in Prague at Bubny train station. In hospitality there is enormous performative and ritualistic qualities, independent of the number of individual or collective characteristics of the travelers, passers-by, guests. “Welcomers” will engage in researching, inventing, experimenting on hospitality- sincere ways to receive guests and take care of/entertain “hikers” that have been “on the road’. The workshop participants - “welcomers” collaborated for designing a hybrid structure based on the idea of “slow hospitality”, re-creating and re-adjusting space to welcome the travelers in Prague (Czech Republic), which become integral part of the theatrical exhibition in Prague during PQ19.

Second (practical) workshop on building “Hospitality-Welcome space” at Bubny train station
Location: Nádraží Bubny train station
Organizers: PQ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht HKU HKU | Theater Zuyd Hogeschool
Address: Bubenská 177/8b, Praha, 170 00, Praha 7, Czech Republic
In-situ Practical Workshop
The workshop participants – in fact mostly “welcomers” worked hands-on to build the hybrid structure based on the idea of “slow hospitality”, transforming the waiting hall of Bubny train station to welcome the travelers in Prague (Czech Republic). Workshop tutor (Stefan Rusu) lead the 17 international students from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht HKU, NL and Theater Zuyd Hogeschool, NL who elaborated collectively the design of a temporary “Welcoming/Hospitality Space”; they worked hands-on to install the installation at Bubny train station and later enacted hospitality and performed welcoming rituals while receiving “hikers” when they reached final destination.
Resulted “Hospitality-Welcome space” warmly welcomed the “hikers” and public on arrival at this historically loaded place between from 6th to 12th of June. Thus, temporarily transformed space become integral part of the theatrical exhibition in Prague during PQ19.

Link: http://www.pq.cz/2018/03/26/student-exhibition/

Nádraží Bubny is a former train station that will be converted into a modern center for contemporary art and history called the “Memorial of Silence”. During World War II, tens of thousands of Nazi regime victims were deported from here. 
Now PQ Waltz 2019 will occupy the space and practice “welcoming” here.

Link: http://www.pq.cz/projects/event-detail-en/?exhibition=102