┼×tefan RUSU

film-video / video


Mini DV transferred to DVD, 17′, 2010
Camera: Stefan Rusu
Image editor: Denis Bartenev
Directed by Stefan Rusu


The film is a reconstruction of the Ursari (‘bear handlers”)┬ároute through Horezu region. It all started from a fragment of the mural painting (Covreşti church) that attests not only the presence of the Roma-Ursari, but also the fact that they are among the church founders. The performance once offered publicly by Roma-Ursari with dancing bear has always meant something for the locals.
There are a series of happenings around the bowling animated by locals in Tănăseşti; a former forest keeper remembers the bear's assault and the way he got bear paw as a trophy; next to it, we are witnessing a discussion on the reconstruction of a stake on the top of the mounting; among others we are witnesses of some intrigue behind the management of the fruit silt once in the possession of the community (kibbutz type of property during socialist era ) from Horezu, and last but not least, we learn about the way Roma reside in the region. The film that started as a reconstruction ends by investigating the social condition of the population in rural areas of Romania.

Produced in the frame of: PRIVESTE HOREZU
Project organized by: FPDL- Foundation partners for local development
In partnership with: Depresiunea/Horezu Association, Atlante/Franta Association, CIMEC Institute of Cultural Memory, Arhitext Design Foundation, Tinecoart Association.