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film-video / documentaries


HD, 73’, 2015
Camera: Ruben Agadjanean
Image & Sound Editor: Denis Bartenev
Directed by Stefan Rusu

The film is an investigative documentary that explores a city in decline. Along with a number of researchers: architects, sociologists, urban activists and visual artists we have investigated the processes of transformation and urban planning which took place in Chisinau in the socialist period and during the independence adopted in 1991. Throughout this journey we have been concerned about the negative effects that the Old Town would suffer from the construction of Cantemir Blvd., which was planned right after World War II by the collective of architects headed by Alexey Shchusev and never realized—but suddenly reappeared in the new master plan (PUG) approved by municipality in 2007.

Today it seems more urgent then ever to reclaim the public spaces that have been intentionally neglected, so that they can be eventually removed from public domain and privatized. Some of these spaces have been regained by urban activists, such as Kentford Square and Europe Square from Stefan cel Mare Park, whereas some are still disputed (including the ruins of Old Post Office). The old city core, including heritage buildings, streets, intersections and squares with small markets, are in danger of being affected by the new development plan. Urban interventions realized by the art community in these areas and the revitalization of Zaikin Park undertaken by civic initiatives with the help of local inhabitants have offered viable solutions for protecting the area, the local social fabric and identity of the city.
The film was produced with the support of Oberliht Association as part of SPACES project.


2016- Urban Eye film festival, Bucharest, Romania
2016 – Screening at Partizaning in Bishkek, Street Art as a factor of changing the City, Kyrgyzstan
2015 - CRONOGRAF Documentary Film Festival, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2015 – D'Est en Est Documentary Film Festival, Lille, France
2015 – Screening at Spălătorie.DOC Chisinau, Republic of Moldova