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Workshop: Art practices as a device for re-imagining the social context

Location: BUNKER Gallery Space, AMTAP, Chisinau
Period: 16February-2March, 2016

Cobușcean Olga (MD), Grecu Oleg (MD), Anton Ciprian (MD), Paul Garcia (FR) , Cesar Perales (ESP)

The workshop took place in the premises on Bunker Gallery Space. The workshop consisted in two lectures by Stefan Rusu and working sessions between 16February-2March, during which the participants elaborated project proposals on the subject of re-imagining social context of Ciocana district.

Lecture - I: Art practices and the transformation of public sphere in the post-socialist context.
The case of the Republic of Moldova and the city of Chisinau.

The objective of this lecture is the processes of urban transformation which took place in the city of Chisinau in the socialist period (between 1944-1989), but also in the period of independence after 92 that was correlated with the aspects of the transformation of public sphere investigated as part of project CHISINAU – Art, Research in the Public Sphere realized by KSAK Center in 2010. Another important aspect is the interdisciplinary format through which there have been analyzed the dominant political and institutional discourses that shaped the society and the urban scape in the recent history. Beside these basic directions of the project, there will be presented the artistic practices of visual artists from Moldova (Tatiana Fiodorova, Dumitru Oboroc, Ghenadie Popescu etc.) and others within the Eastern-European context (Joanna Raikovska/PL, Nomeda and Gediminas URBONAS/NL-LT, Rena RAEDLE and Vadan JEREMIC, DE-SRB, Indre KLIMAITE/LT).

Lecture - II: Stefan RUSU: Art practices as a device for re-imagining the social context.

The lecture will be focused on curator and artistic practices for reproduction of public space. This would especially include the project Spaces on The Run organized in 2014 in Dushanbe, which investigated the status of public spaces and the method of activation through artistic and social practices within the context of Central Asia. Stefan presented strategies and tactics of activation of the public space under the conditions of authoritarian regimes and the precarious conditions in which the NGOs in the region activate.
On the other hand he will speak about his own experience in relation to public sphere and his artistic practice. Starting with 2008, Stefan Rusu developed a series of projects-interventions in the public space, among which is the replica of a socialist apartment (one-room flat) – the Flat Space/Apartmentul Deschis, produced in collaboration with Oberliht Association, which was activated in 2009 and is part of developing a platform for cultural productions and the process of regeneration of public space in Chisinau.
Another intervention, Block 89, has been realized as part of itinerary project KNOT in the Ursinov microdistrict in Warsaw. Somehow following the same path of activating the public space in the suburb of the city of Stockholm has been realized the Floating Balcony, which tackled the issue of the segregation of migratory population and the gentrification of the residential area in the Husby suburb, and also the question of erasing the “green line” from the development plan of the area.

Workshop participants presented a number of proposals at the end of working sessions: „Private Parking” and PRIVATE Zone (Zonă PRIVAT(izat)Ă) are two proposals by Cobuscean Olga, “Everyday as Performers” a project project by Paul Garcia. The project elaborated by participants will become part of upcoming Public Facades project developed by Oberliht Association in Chisinau.